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Episode #15.2

Episode #15.2 2016

imdb 7.7 26

Ike Barinholtz meets Amir K and Piotr Michael and shows them secret compartments hiding booze, pills, and a feral Bobby Lee; Bobby Lee shows Ike Barinholtz their new child; a fairy princess works the parking lot of a Disneyland-esque theme park; James Bond gets rescued by The Blind Kung-Fu Master; a look at the Rio 2016 Olympics; Ike and Bobby go on Shark Tank; Lyric Lewis invites Kristen Chenoweth and Indina Menzel onstage to sing the national anthem; Melissa McCarthy (Chelsea Davison) calls out overly-PC millennials hosting a college talk show called Safe Space; a third-grade teacher tries to resolve bullying issues in her class.

Starts: Carlie Craig, Chelsea Davison, Jeremy D. Howard, Amir K
Director: Bruce Leddy

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